It’s been a long day of cyberwhoring on social media for my story up for sale on all manner of e-readers and other devices.

As you have undoubtedly heard by now (if you haven’t, it’s only because I’m not done stalking every last corner of the Internet), “Kissed by the Taliban” is a look at the lighter side of getting shot in the face with an RPG in Afghanistan, which happened to me in 2010 while I was embedded with US forces.

I wrote this story in hopes of convincing editors and publishers that I can actually pull off an entire book on the same subject.

Before the release of “Kissed by the Taliban,” many in the New York publishing world said my book couldn’t be done, telling me my story seemed to gruesome to be funny. More importantly, I was told repeatedly that it wasn’t a good fit for several publishers because they’d never heard my story.

Translation: why would anyone want to hear your story if they didn’t already know your story?

Makes sense, I guess, especially in a world where there four “Iron Man” movies and counting. Seriously, did any of us think we’d know this much about Iron Man?

Anyway, the single in selling well and the reviews have been great. Thanks to everyone who picked up a copy of “Kissed by the Taliban” today.

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